Friday, September 23, 2016

Morning at Linvilla Orchards

My little man and I spent a great morning at Livilla Orchards today. Officially Fall, but having some warmer weather this morning, it was fun to feed the animals, watch the tractors go into the fields, play at the playground and of course, enjoy the Farmer's Market.

He loves talking to the animals. "My name is Mario, what are you doing?" Future pick-up line perhaps.

The wooden playground equipment is always a good time for the kids but especially Mario on this visit since he loves all things trucks lately. Firetrucks, tractors, monster trucks, buses, etc. Basically anything that is big and is loud is his thing.

My smiley little guy.

We went through the maze together and he held my hand the entire way and kept asking "where we going mama?" Hopefully I didn't traumatize him from going through future mazes with me since I love them.

Some typical Linvilla and pumpkin season is upon us!


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