Monday, September 12, 2016

Notte delle Stelle

The kids and I joined friends at a nearby Masseria just on the outskirts of town one evening to celebrate "La Notte delle Stelle" - The Night of the Stars. A perfect evening with minimal clouds that didn't hinder us from viewing the hundreds upon hundreds of stars winking at us high overhead. There were activities for kids, vendors, food and drink, a makeshift planetarium, a band and last but not least, floating lanterns. The kids really enjoyed themselves and were excited to stay up super late and hang out with my friends.

Girls came equipped with binoculars and camera. Mario just brought his energy. 

They take their coloring very seriously. Honestly, so little is needed for kids...buckets of coloring pencils, markers and crayons and some loose papers of mandala symbols to decorate.

Our first of two floating lanterns of the night, furthest to the left, launched into the night sky.

Sleepy kids perked up for the fire dancing. Yes, you read that correctly, there was fire dancing on this night! Aside from the smell, the kids were enthralled.

Another floating lantern set off by friends for the kids. My girlfriend wrote the kids' names on this heart-shaped one and we let it go above the masseria and watched until it was just a speck in the sky.

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