Friday, September 2, 2016

One last hurrah!

The kids and I took off for two days and nights to Bethany Beach for one last beach visit prior to the school year beginning - NEXT WEEK! Those caps are for the excitement I feel for the start of the school year. Not because I don't love my kids, but because I do love them enough to see them enter into a whole new year of learning, growing and developing into the little adults they are meant to be. Except for little man, he will be home with me for one more year.

So, off we went and fun we had. It rained, the sun shined, we ate out, dirtied our shirts with ice cream, played in the sand, spontaneous visit from Nonna Lisa and Mason and did that all over again the next day. Minus Nonna and Mason who were only with us for a few hours but that factored into the smiles.

We found a new to us pizza place that the four of us decided we loved. Although I think they put sugar in their tomato sauce because there was an incredibly higher ratio of silliness going on right after diving into our pizza. The girls were beyond silly.

So, when we get silly, we get ice cream. Makes sense, right? Just add to the crazy with a little more sugar. Which little man proceeded to spill down the entire length of his and my shirt. It was hot, ice cream melts and his coordination still is at the 2 1/2 year old level. In his defense, I let him sit on my lap to eat the ice cream so I should have been well prepared to get messy myself. Thankfully I'm rarely without wipes so we weren't walking around the rest of the night looking like we smeared ourselves with our treats.

And of course...the sunset. A huge sigh of contentment upon viewing this natural splendor. I'm in love with sunrises and sunsets and could have sat here forever watching the sun slowly disappear which gave way to a glow so magnificent and a sky so magical. Well, I could have sat there forever if 3 little birds weren't begging for my attention too and wanted to listen to Alessia Cara again. She opened for Coldplay, you know the night of all nights for me, and I have been hooked ever since. Anthony downloaded the cd for us in the car and now the kids are hooked as well. They learn fast.

Home afterwards and an adorable scene of the 3 birds watching tv and mama reading on the couch. Heaven!

My mom and nephew joined us the following day for some time on the beach. It really was isolated and just the perfect spot for 4 little kids to run as they please and jump in the crazy waves. We're used to the sea in the summer in Italy where the waves don't really get too crazy. The ocean is a completely different animal and can turn on you in a second. Quite literally. Calm waves one minute and crazy high surfer waves the next. It is a pretty beach though and I love how empty it is.

After Nonna and Mason left us, the kids and I set off for dinner, ice cream and some more views of the beach one last time. We found this funny little guy that was just minding his own business when I sneaked up on him for a picture. He didn't seem to mind though.

Our final morning and it turned into a lazy morning because of the weather. Which lazy mornings are fine by me every once in awhile since I'm ususally go-go-go most of the time. Packing up the car, I came across this little friend crossing the driveway. Slow and steady wins the race he reminded me as he waddled across the puddles in the driveway to get to the forest. It's amazing the things you become transfixed on when you should be tidying house, packing the bags and wrangling the kids into the car.

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